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Ecosocialist Songbook Cover

Uprisings, rallies, meetings, and marches are livelier when graced with song.  This book of new lyrics for familiar songs is the Bay Area women's singing group Occupellas's contribution to the ecosocialist canon.  It's a free download. Song has been an important part of every people's movement that has ever won.

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January 20, 2021
Capitalism and Community; Engels and Nature; After Covid-19; The Marx Revival; For Degrowth; Super Polluters; How to Blow Up a Pipeline. Source
January 15, 2021
We're glad Trump lost, but Biden's win brings no joy. It's time for real alternatives. Source
January 13, 2021
Last year the upper 2,000 meters of the world's oceans absorbed enough heat to boil 1.3 billion kettles of water Source