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SCNCC is a joint Canadian and US coalition of ecosocialists and fellow travellers united in the belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it. Green capitalism is a dead end. So are liberal parties like the US Democrats and the corporate friendly approach of most Green NGOs. SCNCC believes the climate justice movement will unite with the labour movement and other struggles for liberation to create an alternative to the upside down world shaped by fossil fuels and corporate power. Another world is possible, but we need more ecosocialists to make it happen.




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Michael Lebowitz: "The tragedy of our commons is that our finite world is being destroyed by the relentless drive for profit, by the system we must name—capitalism."
In 'This Changes Everything,' Naomi Klein shows that industry interests are opposed to those of ordinary people, a point climate activists have had trouble communicating and been reluctant to embrace
Objections the word 'Anthropocene' are misguided.
A new video by Suhail Ilyas: The growing strength of the climate movement around the world gives us great hope, but only a revolution can save the world for future generations.
Capitalism's infrastructure, which is designed to dominate nature, cannot simply be taken over and used for an ecological transformation. Only a complete, root-and-branch change will do the job.
Five new books for green-lefts and left-greens ... two on capitalism and environmental destruction, and three on the Anthropocene


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