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SCNCC is a joint Canadian and US coalition of ecosocialists and fellow travellers united in the belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it. Green capitalism is a dead end. So are liberal parties like the US Democrats and the corporate friendly approach of most Green NGOs. SCNCC believes the climate justice movement will unite with the labour movement and other struggles for liberation to create an alternative to the upside down world shaped by fossil fuels and corporate power. Another world is possible, but we need more ecosocialists to make it happen.




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“Far from being self-stabilizing, the Earth’s climate system is an ornery beast which overreacts even to small nudges.”
Naomi Klein and Cardinal Peter Turkson are set to head a prominent climate change conference at the Vatican.
Anthropocene and the Global Environmental Crisis … Why We Can’t Afford the Rich … Big World, Small Planet … Unprecedented … Collision Course … Molecular Red
The G7 'plan' is an excuse to keep pumping oil while relying on hypothetical, unproven or nonexistent technologies to save us
"The human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together; we cannot adequately combat environmental degradation unless we attend to causes related to human and social degradation."
The G7 Summit set a political trap for climate activists — and some NGOs fell right in, declaring a victory that didn't happen.


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